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Compression strapping machine, maximum compression 5 T, for  strapping glass bottles on pallet. It is equipped with 3 movablelances for introduction of strap through the pallet void and 3 sealing heads using polyester strap; It has a turntable to get cross strapping on pallet and an operative panel for a close dialogue  between machine and operators, fully open to set up new strapping patterns. An 'in line' diagnostic unit is also available.

Technical details of VKP/LX-V3T
Approximative dimensions Like indicate on drawing
Approx. Weight 6470 kg
Power supply 400 Volt - 50 Hertz (other on request)
Installed power 8 kW
Package width Min. 500 mm Max. 1900 mm
Package height Max. 2400 mm
Working pressure 0,6 M Pa
Air consumption 200 Nl/cycle
Time for one strapping About 20 s/cycle

Technical details VK10-K120-16
Functioning Electromechanical
Strap to be used Polypropylene and Polyester
Strap width From 9 to 16 mm
Strap thickness Polypropilene 0,6 ÷ 1,0 mm; Polyester 0,5 ÷ 0,9 mm
Minimun surface for strapping 120 mm
Power supply 400 V - 50 Hz (other on request)
Electrical consumption 0,90 kVA
Strap tensioning Adjustable till 1.800 N
Strap feed speed 4,5 m/s with i = 1; 2,5 m/s with i = 1,77
Sealing method By heat sealing blade
Joint efficiency 90% of the strap breaking strenght
Joint lenght 27 mm
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