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Frame of the machine
· Electro welded steel frame
· Standard colors RAL 7035 fix parts - RAL 3002 mobile parts (other colors on request)
· Fixing of the machine on the concrete floor by foundations screws
· Rectangular frame made with welded and painted steel
· Spool carriage guide
· Pinion and rack for the spool carriage movement
· Size mm. 1400 x 3200 (W x H)
· Sliding contacts to power the spool carriage
Spool carriage
· İnstalled on the ring frame
· Complete with mechanical pre-stretch device
· Film mm. 250 or 500 (to define at the order)
· Brushless motor to move the spool carriage
· No. 2 couples of wheels
· Adjustable speed of the spool carriage - max 30 RPM
Clamping and cutting unit
· It is complete with a pneumatic device to clamp the film and to cut it with a toothed blade - movement as the scissors
· The device goes up and down with a pneumatic cylinder
İnlet and outlet pressure unit
· On the enter and on the exit of the machine are fixed two side rolls to contain the product during the wrapping cycle
· Movement by pneumatic cylinder
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